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Top 5 Wonderful Weekend Getaways from Pune

Pune is a sprawling city in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Also called as the “Queen of the Deccan,” Pune was once the cultural capital of the Maratha people. It is embedded with many popular tourist resorts, historic monuments, museums, parks, beaches, and cultural attractions. There are many places you can visit during your weekends. Whether you are a tourist or a permanent resident, you have to visit these places. Here are some of the places you can visit near Pune.


Situated 185 kilometers from Pune, Lavasa is a must-visit place. Take an outstation cab from Pune and you can enjoy the fresh air and lush greenery on the way. The cool breeze of Lavasa makes you halt at every small tea and snack stall for a quick break on the way. Designed by beautiful waterfalls in the small hills, Lavasa is a pleasure to everyone who visits it. Besides, Lavasa provides you with the best and comfortable places for you to stay.

Best time to visit: Monsoon

Activities you can enjoy: Waterfall safari, nature walks, rock climbing


Everyone knows Khandala from the popular Bollywood song “Aati Kya Khandala. It’s not just the song that is famous, Khandala itself is famous for its green meadows, alluring waterfalls, and scenic valleys. Situated at the foothills of Sahyadri hills and 71.1 km from Pune, Khandala will surely make you fall in love with it during your weekend trip away from Pune. Just a perfect plan you and, a rental car, are needed to carve unforgettable memories out of Khandala.

Best time to visit: All-year-round

Activities you can enjoy:  Trekking, nature walks and photographing


Mumbai is considered to be the birthplace of Bollywood and the financial capital of India, is also one of the famous tourist spots in India. The iconic Gateway of India stone arch, nearby Elephanta caves, Marine Drive, and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus are some of the best tourist attractions to spend your weekends away from Pune.A rental car from Pune can take you to this amazing place.

Best time to visit: October to February

Activities you can enjoy: Watersports, theatre, beach walk


If you are a beach lover and looking forward to spending your time at the beach for a weekend away from Pune, then Kashid is your destination. Kashid alongside the sea has the perfect music of waves, moderate temperature, and scenic views. Also, it hosts some of the best water sports for you to enjoy and relax. Located 171 km away from Pune, you can book a rental car to reach Kashid beach. You can also visit the Phansad bird sanctuary and Revdanda Beach fort which are located very close to Kashid beach.

Best time to visit: October to July

Activities you can enjoy: kayaking, jet skiing, and beach biking


At a height of 2047 feet from the sea level, Lonavala is definitely a perfect place to escape from the fast-paced and rush lifestyle of Pune. Lonavala is a hill station gifted with many waterfalls, lakes, and valleys. The breathtaking views welcome you whenever you turn to your head in any direction. It also offers delightful views of mother nature which you can’t find anywhere in modern jungles. You can avail of the self-drive car services in Pune and drive your way to the heavenly place.

Best time to visit: Monsoon season

Activities you can enjoy: Hiking, trekking and nature walks


Weekends are meant to enjoy and relax with our family and friends. Get a break from home-weekends and start drafting your plans to spend your weekends at amusing places away from hustle-bustle life in Pune. Pack your things, get a rental car, or a self-drive car in Pune and rush to these places. 

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