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Top 5 Best Weekend Destinations from Bangalore

Bangalore is blessed with amazing weekend trip destinations all around it. The state of Karnataka is truly, one state many destinations, and the best part is that you can travel them all with self-drive cars from Bangalore!

From exotic attractions, beautiful and culture-rich hamlets, to hill stations flourishing with grand views and calming weather, there are so many places to visit near Bangalore. If you’re looking for the perfect and picturesque destinations near the Garden City, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit these gems listed below! Take your pick, string in some good friends, and ride away to one of these amazing places to visit near Bangalore in summer.

Nandi Hills

If cloud nine was a physical place it is Nandi Hills. Nandi Hills is one of the best places to travel to for a quick weekend road trip. It is a hill station that you can enjoy alone and with your friend! This lovely destination makes for an amazing road trip in a self-driving car from Bangalore.


The beautiful thing about Hampi is that the more you traverse, the closer it takes you through unexplored adventures, and unplanned historical tour that is most definitely worth it. To reach Hampi, book self drive cars on rent in Bangalore. It is a beautiful 350 km journey! 


Watch a deer silently grazing in the green fields of Bandipur. The place is blessed with phenomenal scenic beauty. Bandipur is a home to rich wildlife where you will find elephants, hornbills, deers, pythons, sloth bears. Bandipur National Park is a dedicated site for the Project Tiger. So, you can spot canines here too. If you are looking for quaint spaces amidst nature, then Bandipur it is.


Mysore is the largest district in Karnataka and is known for its awe-inspiring monuments and holds a significant heritage. It is also the production centre of high-quality silk, incense, and sandalwood. This place in Karnataka is famous for Ashtanga Yoga, which is also the reason why people from all around the world make a visit here. Mysore should be added in your places because you can take an outstation cab from Bangalore and reach there in a few hours. 


Popularly known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is home to green hills and beautiful sunsets. There's something in the air of Coorg that makes all things beautiful, especially natural light selfies. Reach these unforgettable views with an outstation taxi service! Coorg is very popular for the quiet and comfortable cottages that are a perfect place for a staycation!

With the blessed combination of spended weather, the Western Ghats and marvelour rivers, there are several places to visit near Bangalore. A single visit to the above mentioned places would surely refresh your drained out souls from all the frenzy work in the bustling city. You are bound to experience all kinds of natural spectacles like lovely hill stations, glozing waterfalls, natural rock formations, vast lakes, steep mountain ranges.

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