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Pune to Lonavala- Feel the WoW !!!

There are so many families and individuals who love to explore hill station.  Usually hill stations are always busy and occupied during summer season.  That is the season when people want to run away from the dry heat, humidity and sweat.  One can see variety of hill stations within India alone.  It is important to take out time and go for vacations and holidays either alone, with friends or with family.  One of the most popular place to visit from Pune is Lonavala.  If you are planning a visit to Lonavala from Pune then go for Pune to Lonavala Cab, car rentals only from Zyppys.

The best time during vacation is the stay and the travel time.  It is essential to rent a self drive car or outstation cab which is convenient and the service should be perfect without any issues.  Zyppys will give you all the comfort, luxury and convenience with their service.  Self drive cars are offered by top car rental companies and the outstation cab drivers are very experienced and skilled, maintain time and there is no delay in picking the passengers or dropping them at the destination.  The onset of journey should be peaceful and fantastic, which makes the entire journey a positive experience. The feel of the highway, the wind touching the car, the green and yellow fields, the mountains and hills and low clouds and the fog all of it makes the trip memorable.  Going Pune to Lonavala in self drive car or in an outstation Cab, will let you enjoy nature and its beauty immensely.   So plan your road trip to visit Lonavala any time of the year booking a car from India's No.1 car rental marketplace platform

Zyppys car rental platform let you plan your holiday more effectively by allowing you to choose car of your choice from huge collection of cars for best price. Mere thought of a vacation brings excitement among people.  If the vacation is going to be customized where people can halt and see as many places and points they want, then just one thing comes out as a reaction “wow”, this word proves that the passengers are really happy and are looking forward for their trip.  We ensure that all our customers have this feel when they book a cab with Zyppys.

Pune to Lonavala is not very far, its just 64KM away.  One can easily plan a weekend road trip by car to Lonavala and have a gala time with friends and family.  The journey from Pune to Lonavala is all about talks and discussions over chai, hot pakodis, and corns. The road is full of food vendors with appetizing food-stalls that will tempt you into making a stop. So it is advisable to have a light meal before, making it possible for you to easily delve into mouth-watering local treats without thinking twice.

Tunnels on the Way!

The expressway cleaves through exquisite mountain ranges of Sahyadri Mountain that emit an aura of protectiveness. It leads to six interchanges; so keep your eyes on the road signs to avoid ending up on the wrong interchange. This highway is splattered with breathtaking tunnels carved out of cutting mountains that may be the best you've driven under in this country. After you have traveled some 23 km or so on the highway, take an exit at Baner Road and continue driving on NH48. The route is easy to navigate in because of well-maintained roads and umpteenth options for fuel recharge and refreshments.

Multiple Pit Stops for Greater Experience

The route becomes more interesting with historical pit stops that you would encounter near Malavali and all the way through Lonavala. If you are a trekking enthusiast, do take a halt at Lohagad Fort to induce some thrill in your journey. Visapur Fort is another such fort, much larger than Lohagad, and beautified by temples, cisterns of water, a few small caves, and most importantly, a foggy mountaintop in the right season. They also offer trekking options that lead you through grasslands and waterfall. Sounds interesting, right? In the same vicinity, you are sure to find Bhaja caves, which drew its inspirations from Buddhist style of temples and drawings that resemble and remind you of Barabar caves. Make sure to make these pit stops to add double the thrill and excitement to your already fun-filled journey. Enjoy natures beauty and greenery at this place for a very affordable price. Get the best experience on your journey with our self drive or outstation cab from Pune to Lonavala and enjoy your holiday with comfort.  Make the best use of zyppys car rental car rental platform to plan your holidays and vacation with ease.  Visit us or our site, you can also give us a call to know more about our service and choose from the variety of packages that we offer to our customers.  Enjoy your stay at the hill station at a very affordable cost and return to your home sweet home safely only with zyppys car rentals.

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