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The Key For Electric Car's Future Is Batteries, Not Cars

The Key to the Electric Car Future is Batteries, Not Cars

In the face of climate change and increasing levels of air pollution, the development of electrical cars has taken precedence. People around the world are now extremely conscious of the need to eliminate dependence on oil and gas and switch to renewable sources of energy.

This fact is reflected in the growing number of electric cars being manufactured and sold globally. According to Forbes, over one million electric cars were sold around the world in 2017, a new record. The number of Teslas, Nissan Leafs, and other EVs in circulation worldwide has now surpassed three million, an increase of 50 percent from 2016.

The electric car revolution is well and truly upon us, but the key to truly unlocking its potential lies not only in the efforts in the automobile industry, but the development of better batteries for these cars to run on!

Let's take the case of Tesla, one of the market leaders when it comes to electric cars. The release of the Model 3 was met with acclaim by industry experts, but it was only made possible by the development of a smaller battery that significantly cut down on its overall cost. The reduction in size resulted in a decrease in mile range, however this is the next step of Tesla's innovation in this field. 

The market demand for cheaper electronic cars will result in a race to cut down on production costs. The most expensive part of the car is the lithium-ion battery, which Tesla is procuring from its exclusive supplier Panasonic. However, the electric car company has hinted that they are willing to explore other options. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was quoted as saying that cell production for its first overseas car assembly plant in Shanghai "will be sourced locally, most likely from several companies," including Panasonic. 

This opens up brand new avenues for companies working in car battery technology. The impetus is now on them to provide a product that has the potential to become a key component of the market leader in electric vehicles. Once other companies can match up to the expectations set by Panasonic, it will also open up new doors of opportunities for other big corporations to tap into proven suppliers to power their own foray into the EV market.

Apple is one of the biggest new players in the market, but a variety of well-funded American start-ups are also looking to challenge Tesla in the EV market. All of their fates could end up being decided by who can procure the best battery.

The evolution of the EV is well and truly underway, and in the near future they are very likely to completely replace fuel-powered vehicles. It is absolutely imperative to boost our collective efforts to curb pollution and switch to electric cars. Currently there are very few companies selling or renting electric cars, but one of the best aggregators in this nascent market is Zyppys. 

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