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The Best Food Places in Mysore to Delight Your Taste Buds

Mysore is known for its food as it is for its culture and places. In fact, the native Dosa of the city is well-known all over the world as the Mysore Masala Dosa and there is the mouth-watering sweet, Mysore Pak. Roam around the city and you will find all types of cuisine and food here. Amazing, isn't it?

The Must-Visit Food Places of Mysore If you want to satiate your soul, then you should head to the ‘Original Vinayaka Mylari’ restaurant located at 769 Nazarbad Main Road. A nondescript place, the restaurant serves the best Masala Dosa in the world, foodies say. The Dosa is a crispy and fluffy but unlike the common Masala Dosas served with potato filling, this one comes with ‘Saagu’ which is a vegetable side dish with a coconut base and also coconut chutney. A dollop of butter on the Dosa makes it all the more relishing. The eatery is closed on Wednesdays and is open from 6 am to 8.30 pm.  

Taste Mysore Pak from Those Who Invented it

When in Mysore, you will find Mysore Pak, a mouth-watering sweet everywhere. Though it is delicious anytime and place, there is one place that makes ‘the original Mysore Pak’ and that is the Guru Sweet Mart located at Shivarampet on the Sayyaji Rao Road. The shop has been in business for about 7 decades and the present owners are the descendants of Kakasura Madappa, a cook of kings, who is believed to have invented the sweet. Made from gram flour mixed with sugar syrup or pak, Mysore Pak of Guru Sweet Mart beats every other in taste and texture.

Savour the Street Food at Mysore Chaat Street

At Mysore Chaat Street, you will get way more than just chaats. Located on the Krishna Vilas Road, and close to the Marimallappa College, the Chaat Street serves idli-vadas, rice rotis, noodles, raagi rotis, and even salads. The must on your checklist apart from the chaats are the Mysore churmuri (puffed rice with peanuts and spices), the dry gobi and the badam or almond milkshake.

And Finally, the Best Restaurants in Mysore

There are hotels and restaurants in every nook and corner of the city but some names that find mention in almost every travelogue and in the hearts of foodies are:-

- Hotel RRR at Gandhi Square

- Oyster Bay at Vijayanagar on the Parishath Road

- Depth n Green at Gokulam Main Road

- Green Leaf on 12th Cross Kalidas Road

- The vegetarian restaurant Anima Madhva Bhavan on 6th Cross Road in Vani Vilas Mohalla

- Tiger Trail on Jhansi Lakshmibai Road

- The Mahesh Prasad eatery at Lakshmipuram in Chamarajapuram Mohalla.

In Mysore, you will find something or the other that enlivens the foodie in you. From fine-dining to the simple idli-sambhar to the local dishes that make Mysore what it is, this is a city that is worth visiting for its food alone. So, next time, consider taking a trip to the city only to eat!

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