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No Stress! No Guess!

Having personal drivers is pretty common in the city of Hyderabad, especially among the older generation. However, the culture of reliability has suffered among the salaried-driver population in the last decade. They won’t work on Sundays; they have to leave early; somebody has either died or been born and they need the day off, etc. It is not far from the truth to say that people’s schedules depend on the hours their drivers keep. It was one such excuse last weekend. My 70 year old neighbor needed to visit a relative at the hospital. She was stuck! I felt sorry for her. Unfortunately, this has become a common scenario.

Later that day, I rang her door bell to check on her. Surprisingly, she had just returned home. “Who drove you” I asked. “Zyppys!” she said happily. “They are an online car rental marketplace. I called them and booked a car and driver. The nice-guy, took me to the hospital, then to the mall where I spent a couple of hours shopping. After that, I stopped at the medical shop and just got back.”

“Who are Zyppys?” I ask. “Whoever they are, they are great. No stress! No guess! The driver picked me outside my door on time, drove me wherever I needed to go, waited for me until I was done and dropped me back safe and sound. And, they are cheaper than the other taxi guys out there. I am so thrilled”, she hums. Maybe I should try Zyppys next time. No Stress! No guess!

- Lakshmi.

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