Make Your Trip from Chennai to Ooty a Memorable One!

How to Make Your Trip from Chennai to Ooty a Memorable One!

It isn’t the destination that makes a journey memorable. Instead, it’s all the little things you do, and you encounter throughout your travel that makes your journey reach another height of fun and excitement. 

Well, now that you have decided to take a trip down the road from Chennai to Ooty, you need to aware yourself with every interesting detail, which is sure to help you along the way. Depending on the route you take, Chennai to Ooty is a roughly 8-10 hours of journey. As mentioned, various routes take you to Ooty from Chennai, but the most common, shortest, and advisable one would be via Salem through Coonoor.

The First Stop

As you drive through the National Highway, the first stop is Vellore, which is home to various sightseeing points. If you are one of those who loves to prolong the journey and peek into the city, make sure to give Vellore Fort a big check. Other prominent landmarks in the city are Srilaxmi Golden temple and Jalkandeswarar temple. Wouldn’t be it great to seek some blessing before you make your way to the rest of the journey!

Food is Love!

The national highway is full of various eating spots, so you don’t have to pack your bags with snacks or homemade food. In fact, if you make your way to Salem via Krishnagiri, you will find street vendors selling delicious south Indian food items such as medu vada, dosa, idli etc. However, if you are not a big fan of idli in breakfast, and want to jump into parathas and puris, there are a few dhabas to entertain your craving for North Indian food as well.

Lots of Countrysides to Awe at

From Salem all the way through Avinashi, you will feel blessed to have traffic to be at its best. The traffic would be slow and countryside view would give you a feel of being close to nature, which one hardly gets in the concrete jungle of Chennai. As you reach Mettupalaym, you might experience traffic to gain its momentum, and could even encounter too little places with homes and people. Thus ensure that you have your tummy filled and tight, for there are no better food options or restrooms for some good kilometers. Near Mettupalayam, be prepared as roads might be a little sloppy and under constructed.

Indulge in Your Love for Fruit and Vegetable

Well, we might understand that your final destination is Ooty. But who told you that you should not roam in and around the cities that you come across! Some 35 Km away from Mettupalayam, Coonoor is a beautiful city filled with tradition that emphasizes its love for nature. If you are traveling Coonoor in May, pay at least a short visit to the Sim’s Park, for it organizes a must-see annual Fruit and vegetable show during that month. Trust us, this one you are sure going to like.

We are Just There….

The road that connects Coonoor to Ooty is NH 181, and it is only separated by some 17-18 Km. So, keep drive along the NH181 to reach the place you wanted to be from the time you sat in your car in Chennai. Yeah, we are talking about Ooty!

Safe Journey!

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