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Kozhikode- A Food Heaven on Earth

Food forms an important part of Indian culture. Be it north or south, people are judged by the food they eat, the way they eat and the spices they use to temper their food. Spices found in different regions gives a varied taste to its food. Wherever you go, you ought to taste the local food of the place to find out the ingredients used, the rich aroma and the way of serving and presenting the delicacies.

Kozhikode in Kerala is well-known for its scenic backwaters as well as its rich food. Your stay in Kozhikode is incomplete without relishing its local food. It offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian platter to satiate your taste buds. Coconut along with other spices like asafoetida, turmeric, green chili, tamarind is widely used in the preparation of dishes.

Meat, fishes, and rice constitute staple food of the people here Vegetarians prefer milk, sambar and rasam accompanied with rice

Best Food Places Worth Visiting

Hotel Sagar

Enjoy the vegetarian and non -vegetarian biryani at this restaurant. Taste the aromatic and lip-smacking biryanis cooked in Malabar style. The flavor will linger on your tongue for a long

Beach Hotel

Enjoy the exquisite non-vegetarian cuisine in this bamboo hut restaurant, It is designed in a way to give you a look and feel of the countryside. Savor the non-vegetarian delicacies including fish and chicken prepared in local Malabari style.

Dawn Restaurant

A multi-cuisine restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes including the local Keralite cuisine. Opt for a Kerala Sadhya if you prefer vegetarian food. A blend of mussels with rice flour cooked in a shell is special indeed.

Paragon Restaurant

Relish the seafood dishes and curries cooked in a typical Arab style. Prior booking is essential as you may not get a table if you just drop by.

Zainabi Noor

A rich Persian restaurant started by the couple from Dubai to give a Persian taste of food to the locals. A glass of lemon tea called sulaimaini while walking around the beach refreshes you. A dessert made up of raw banana stuffed with coconut and sugar is worth relishing. Finally, if you have a sweet tooth don’t forget to have Chatti pathiri, a pastry made up of raisins, nuts, and fruits.

Kozhikode, truly rich in taste and authentic style of cooking with the flavor of coconut induced in its preparations is a must visit place for food connoisseurs.

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