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As a child growing up in Hyderabad and with family roots in different parts of Andhra, we used to travel quite a lot in the 80s and 90s. Like most middle class, we pretty much had only two options - either catch a train or an APSRTC bus. While we all do have some pleasant memories, we can't forget the difficulties we encountered - crowd, queues, reservations, delays and so on. With the economic reforms and subsequent IT boom, affordability increased manifold for most middle class, but the choices for intercity travel continued to be very limited.

For example, we stayed for a decade and half in the US and whenever we came to Hyderabad and wanted to travel to another city, we had to rely on cab operators in yellow pages to book a taxi. And when we were in the US and every time our elderly parents mentioned about going to another city from Hyderabad, we always used to worry about their well being and safety. While public transport has improved, several problems associated with inter-city travel continued to exist. Those needing timing flexibility, personal space and privacy continued to struggle with lack of enough choices. It's precisely this problem that we tried to address when we first conceived Zyppys - to provide safe, flexible and private inter-city commute at affordable prices.

In the last few years, there have been some significant developments in the industry and society that made it easy for us. First is the advent of mobile technology and the widespread penetration of smart phones and apps, allowing both educated and uneducated population to use apps for their work. Second is the development of driver ecosystem with the advent of Uber and Ola - these two firms have disrupted the intracity cab booking market and in the process showed how technology and business model can be combined to deliver unique travel experience to customers.

Thanks to these developments, we were able to hit the ground running quickly i.e it was relatively easier for us to communicate the concept to our partners.

Secondly, app based cab booking as a concept is no longer new to customers and our Zyppys app became an instant hit with thousands of our customers.

We have carried out some extensive secondary research, ventured on to the field and carried out some intense first hand interviews and eventually concluded that there is a great need for car rental platform that allows customer compare and book a cab with driver or self drive car from top rental car companies in India,

Thank you all for visiting Zyppys and hope you continue to be delighted with our services.

Zyppys founders:

Rajani Kasu

Madhu Raghunayakula

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