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Drive Hyderabad to Bangalore, this weekend!

It’s not just about fresh air of freedom you breathe, driving down the boulevard of the Hyderabad-Bangalore route, it’s more than just that. From breath-taking natural scenes to enriching culture and traditions, and also mouth-watering traditional delicacies, Hyderabad-Bangalore route offers everything that makes it a perfect hassle-free route. So, why wait, rent a self drive cars in hyderabad & rev up your car’s engine for an exciting journey ahead!

Entering the City of Handlooms

As you travel along the nicely stretched highway from Hyderabad to Gadwal, you will find various eating outlets and dhabas urging your tummy to put a break to your journey. So if you are the one of those who started without breakfast, make sure you stop to enjoy some delicious Mirchi bajjis and bondas. Moreover, Gadwal is majorly known for its handlooms. Just put a reminder to stop and shop for some beautiful sarees for your loved ones!

Welcome to the Old Capital

A former capital of Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool is the first major stop that comes welcoming your way. This city is endowed with local culture and some impressive landmarks such as Konda Reddy Fort and Orvakal rock Gardens. If you are an enthusiast of culture and history, you might end up exploring some beautiful culture and people on the city roads.

Attractions to attend to!

The roads of Kurnool cover many smaller villages towards Ananthpur. Reaching Ananthpur, you can always pay a visit to major landmarks in and around the city: most notably, ISKCON temple, Sapthagiri circle, and even clock tower that allure tourists from around. 

If exploring is not your idea, make sure to locate the Reliance outlet somewhere around 50 km from there. It is a must-halt stop, in case you need to attend nature’s call or want to shop for snacks to munch along the way, for you might not find any good place to stop for another 150 km or so.

Kumbakarna on the Way

While you travel through the bypass from Ananthpur, make sure to keep an eye on the sleeping monster (our very own Kumbakarna) statue that you are sure to encounter near Gondipalle. The big statue looks so dreamy that it takes you back to the days of Ramayana and you might find yourself nostalgic for a while. 

Another place of interest that could catch your attention is just after Bagepally in the Ananthpur District that leads to Lepakshi, an architecturally beautiful temple with meticulous carvings and painting. Whether or not you are religious, try and visit for a pleasant treat to your eyes.

You are almost…there

As your car spots the street sign of Chikkaballapur, down the same route, you have Nandi Hills, where you can hang around with nature and stretched-out cloudy skies. If you, however, want to complete your journey early and faster, continue driving as Bangalore is only 56 km away. Once you start sensing exquisite spring-like weather, regardless the day and date of your journey, you know you have reached namma Bengaluru.

Basic information that might help

Estimated Time:
10-12 hours (including halts)

550 Km (NH7)

So, now you are interested in taking the Hyderabad- Bangalore route? Well, don’t just wait and start planning your journey now. Start your search for rental car now - compare and book a car from top car rental companies in India!

Before you proceed, a practical tip: start as early as four am to avoid traffic. 

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