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Road trip to Bidar from Hyderabad

Bidar, a northeastern part of Karnataka bordering, Maharashtra and Telangana is a well- equipped city with modern infrastructure and historical importance. An apt culmination of c with monuments, museums and tomb to the training center for the IAF and the point of attraction for Bollywood shooting, Bidar has come a long way.

How about traveling to Bidar via car? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Bidar is just three and a half hours away from Hyderabad. An ample time in your hands to explore the city if you are planning for a day or two. You can see lot many monuments dating back to the 15th century in Bidar, rightly called as the ‘City of whispering monuments.’

Picturesque View along the Way Relish the beauty of nature while enjoying the leisure moments with family. The huge dam, dense vegetation and the scenic beauty of nature is a feast for your weary eyes. -Explore the Deva Deva Bana (Botanical garden) on the way to Bidar via Hyderabad route. You will come across plants with medicinal properties and also a play area for kids. -Devour lunch at Mahindra Paradise at Zaheerabad with delicious food and amazing ambiance. -Visit Siddhivinayak temple at Rjinthal near Zaheerabad. -Don’t miss Ocean park, a waterpark for all ages and Mrugavani National Park with species of deer, Himayat Sagar with an artificial lake at Osmansagar near Hyderabad.
Bidar - A City with a Rich Cultural Heritage · Bidar fort standing tall on the Deccan plateau known for its historical significance and the Persian architecture is a favorite tourist attraction of Bidar. The mighty kings of South India who ruled over Deccan built this fort which shows how opulent our past was! · Visit Narasimha Jhira cave temple to seek the blessings, which will definitely cast a spell of spirituality in your souls. For this amazing experience, you have to pass through the cave with flowing water and the bats hovering over your · Stop over Bahami tombs with the beautiful domes to get a glimpse of the outstanding architecture prevalent in that period of time. The tomb of Ahmad Shah Al- Wali, the most attractive of all has the verses of Quran carved on the walls with gold and the spectacular paintings which catches your eye. · Visit Chaubhara, a 22 meters cylindrical tower to get a view of the scenic beauty of the entire Deccan plateau from the top. · Don’t forget to shop for the Bidri handicrafts, wood carvings, silver work articles and sandalwood on your way back home. Purchase exquisite Bidriware artifacts, originated in Bidri itself involves gold or silver inlays on copper or zinc which will make you remember your trip to Bidar.
Food for Refueling Enjoy the authentic south Indian cuisine comprising of idlis, 21 varieties of fusion dosas and vadas at the Jyothi Udupi restaurant. Treat yourself with a tempting dessert after a meal. You can also savor Vegetarian South India thali at a Jyothi fort, near Bidar fort an outdoor restaurant where tables are placed under Banyan tree for an altogether unique dining experience. They also have private stone chambers for families. The Bidar trip can be highly knowledgeable one for your kids to learn and explore the rich cultural, religious and architectural heritage of South India. A must visit tourist attraction in South India that caters to the recreational needs of people from all age groups.

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