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Beat Your Hunger Pangs At These Top Restaurants In Udupi

Udupi cuisine is one of the most popular ones from South India, that is also part of the Tuluva-Mangalorean cuisine. It gets its name from the city Udupi that's situated on the Southwest coast of India. This cuisine comprises mainly of dishes that are made from locally available vegetables, grains, beans, and fruits. Udupi cuisine has a wide variety of dishes. It follows the Satvik tradition that uses no onions, garlic, meat or fish in their dishes. However, the cuisine may be altered for those who consume these restricted food items. If you're traveling to Udupi anytime soon and looking to know about some of the best restaurants to visit, then take a look below as we've got some of the top restaurants lined up just for you!

Woodlands - The True Taste of South

An amazing South Indian restaurant that's kept up to its image over the years will get your tummy rumbling for more. Visit this place, to taste the best regional food you could ever get. Packed with rich South Indian flavors.

Where to find: Stage Highway 37, Dr V R Rao Commerical Complex, Tenkpet, Chitpadi, Udupi 5
76101, India.

Thamboolam - Something Different

If you've been down south for way too long and you want to try out something other than traditional idli-vada and dosas, it's time you look for something different! Visit the popular multi-cuisine Thamboolam that has a wide range of delicious thalis including some tasty non-vegetarian dishes on the menu. You'll definitely go back a happy person!

Where to find: Opposite Kalpana Theatre, Udupi District, Karavali, Udupi, India.

Mitra Samaj - Totally Indian

This is for true Indian souls who love their food minus the onion and garlic. Situated near the Krishna Temple, this small little restaurant serves some great authentic South Indian snacks and dishes. Right from Idli Vada, Plain Dosa to Banana Podi, this place has it all!.

Where to find: Car Street, Near Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi, India. 

Kediyoor Gazebo Restaurant - Never Enough

An amazing restaurant that serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The food served here is fresh and tasty with a really good ambience as well. The menu includes tawa fish fry, prawns, curries,  biryani, chicken dishes and a number of vegetarian dishes too. If you love Mangalorean spicy cuisine, then this place has got to be for you!

Where to find: Kediyoor Hotel Pvt. Ltd, Boarding & Lodging Shiribeedu, Udupi 576101, India.

When you're at Udupi, you can transcend yourself into another land. Free yourself completely in the rich culture and tasty cuisine of the place. Udupi has a number of restaurants that can tickle your taste buds. Right from eating your food served on a plantain leaf to the thali-served dishes, Udupi has loads of options that you could try!

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