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An Exciting Road Journey

Gear Up for an Ideal Weekend with a Chennai to Vellore Road Trip

Welcome to the enchanting city of Vellore in the state of Tamil Nadu, where time seems to have come to a standstill, indeed. Yes, this is precisely true of the city’s art and architecture that is soaked knee-deep in rich Dravidian history and culture. Offering numerous glimpses of its cultural past through traditional dance forms, sprawling structures, and majestic temples, Vellore is where many historical tales made their beginning.

Ruled by prosperous dynasties such as Pallavas, Cholas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas and more, Vellore is in close proximity to many cities in South India which makes it easily accessible by road. Travel 138 km west from Chennai, 100 km south-west from Tirupati and 212 km east from Bangalore to reach this city after an enjoyable road trip.

Zipping on a Splendid Road Drive from Chennai to Vellore

The Chennai to Vellore route offers many avenues of fun and excitement to enthusiastic travelers. Take the much-needed break from the humdrum of city life and go on a road trip from Chennai to Vellore, enjoying scenic landscapes through the three-hour drive.

Choose a trusted car rental provider with trained drivers to take you comfortably to your destination and don’t forget to savor enriching experiences along the way! Make sure you have sufficient time on hand to halt at interesting places en route. Availing the services of a professional car rental will ensure you cover the distance in optimal time, including the must-visit places along your journey even if that would mean a little detour. All you must do is sit back, roll down the windows to feel the breeze in your hair and enjoy picturesque views!

Where the Man’s Heart Races and the Woman’s Saree Love Conquers!

There’s something to delight in for everyone when you are in transit from Chennai to Vellore. To fuel your need for speed, halt at the Madras Motor Race Track where you will witness whirring engines of Lamborghinis and Mustangs and hear screeching tires. If you’re lucky, you may even spot fancy bikes from Royal Enfield to Benelli and Yamaha to Suzuki. Starry-eyed, eh?

Saree shopping lovers will be delighted to explore the varieties of beautiful silk sarees in Kanchipuram. Don’t forget to stop and marvel the architecture of ancient, picturesque temples you find on the way.

Lipsmacking Food Breaks

If you wish to grab a bite or take a refreshing short break, there are some amazing South Indian restaurants where you can make a halt. Murugan Idli Shop is known for its mouth-melting idlis and filter kapi while Star Biryani serves delectable Arcot style biryani. If it’s nearing meal time and your tummy craves authentic South Indian meals, Saravana Bhavan and Adyar Ananda Bhavan are great options.

Vellore – A Cosmopolitan Steeped in the Annals of History

The Fort City of Tamil Nadu, with an understated charm, will entice you to visit and stay here to explore a cocktail of tourist attractions. Yes, that’s Vellore for you! Eyed by various dynasties in the past, there are several architectural remnants here to tell tales of its history. Let’s take a peek into the popular places of interest here.

· Vellore Fort –
is an embodiment of magnificence and a perfect example of military architecture in South India. Constructed in the 16th century, this fort is made completely of granite stone. The fort complex is home to a museum, temple, mosque, and a church.

· Sripuram Golden Temple –
or the Lakshmi Narayani Temple spells grandeur all the way with its entire structure coated in gold leaf. Considered an architectural marvel of the present times, this temple houses idols made of pure gold.

· Jalakandeshwar Temple –
is situated in the Vellore Fort complex and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. With a massive 7 tier ‘gopuram’, this temple creates a beautiful spectacle of intricately carved stone pillars.

· St. John’s Church –
is housed in the Vellore Fort. This 150-year old, yellow-walled church was constructed by the Government of Madras for the officers and men of the East India Company military station.

· State Government Museum –
is located in the Vellore Fort and houses objects such as weapons, artistic pieces, sculptures, carvings, bronze, numismatics, philately and more. Each of them speaks loud of the golden periods they were a part of across different time frames.

· Amirthi Zoological Park –
is 25km from Vellore city and you can spot a lovely waterfall here. The park is perfect for spotting a host of animals and birds.

At Vellore, you will witness a blend of the quaint side with the urban, and you will have fond memories to take back home. Being home to several industries and the largest exporter of finished leather products in the South, the city means “serious business”. With fantastic connectivity to other cities in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, Vellore opens its doors to visitors from far and wide and the city offers reasons enough for that. 

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