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10 Best reasons for Road Trip

What is your idea of a perfect long weekend? Whether you are the members of the nonchalant species who can't part ways with the comfort of their beds on a weekend or belong to the venturesome class who is always equipped with their trekking gear to cut across the paths less travelled, in any of the cases, you would happily comply with how amazing road trips are. 

The cool breezes brushing against your hair as you traverse your way through the paved pathways, a soothing track playing in the background and the ambiance filled with chatters and giggles of your loved ones- what's not to love about road trips! 

Below are 10 reasons why you should plan a road trip soon

1. A quick escape from the monotony of daily life

Road trips do not require extensive prior planning. Moreover, there are no hassles associated with the shooting prices of the airlines and long waiting lists in trains. All you need for a road trip is a car, an awesome company and a melange of your favorite songs & you are all set to see new towns and explore unfamiliar places.

2. Getting up, close and personal with nature

Road trips give you the freedom to see, touch and feel the varied forms of nature- the mountains covered with tufts of snow, the small stream gushing through the rocks or the fleet of exotic aquatic birds making their way through the waters- you get to experience nature in its most pristine form.

3. Rebond with your besties

Aren't the memories of traveling without a valid ticket in trains along with your buddies during college days still afresh in the canvas of your mind? Road trips would give you the chance to relive those exciting days by setting out on a new adrenaline-driven venture with your buddies.

4. Lip smacking foods await you

Don't forget to take frequent stops at the small dhabas lined along the roads and I bet that you are going to relish the flavors of the steamy pakoras and the aroma of the piping hot masala tea for the rest of your lives.

5. A romantic getaway with your partner

When was the last time you two had spent some quality time together? A road trip would give you an excellent opportunity to rekindle the passion between the two of you which is seemingly lost due to the humdrum of your daily lives.

6. A tryst with yourself

A failed relationship or an over-demanding work life? Sometimes, a solo time is all the therapy you need to rewire your brains and unwind your spirits. Give yourself the much-needed break by setting on a road trip- all by yourself. A new you would await you at the end of your venture. 

7. A taste of the local traditions

Sociology aficionados will totally love this. Set on an off beaten path and you may come across a festival you had never heard of, a village you had never spotted over the map, a local delicacy you have never treated your taste buds with and a lot more!

8. A great deal of flexibility

Don't let the flight schedules and the train timetable dictate your vacations. Love the place? Extend your stay for a day or two. Always fancied a night under the stars? Pitch a tent, set up a bonfire and you are all ready to enjoy the time of your lives. Only road trips can give you this extent of fluidity.

9.  A treasure chest full of memories

Finally, you will have snippets which you are going to cherish for the rest of your lives. The stranger you met at the roadside restaurant, the sumptuous noodles you devoured, the small spring you bathed your spirits in, the unexpected car breakdown or the beautiful sunset you captured in the canvas of your eyes- all this and much more! You never know what the scintillating trails hold for you!

10. And miles to go before I sleep...

You can never claim to have traveled enough for there are always new towns, amazing places, exciting experiences and awe-inspiring escapades awaiting you. Road trips give you the latitude to explore, to take the roads never taken, discover new trails and set out on the beautiful path of self-discovery. 

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